Sunday, 21 February 2016

A Few Families of Clyne

Photograph above from Ian Mackay from his own family album
This page contains links to family details given by descendants mainly members of our mailing lists.  Also included are links to family trees prepared by members.  Many of the items contain a great deal of genealogical information but as always further information is most welcome. In most cases the name of the researcher is shown together with an email address for contact. In the few cases where this is not so please contact me and I will pass on your message.

On the following list all Mc and Mac names are shown as Mac.

William Anderson and Ann Sutherland 

Robert Bruce and Elizabeth Mackay   

Neil Macbeath and Margaret Ross  

Alexander Mackay and Esther Murray 

Alexander Macleod and Janet Gordon 
Hugh Macleod and Elizabeth Polson 

Melville in Doll, Clyne 
see also - Melville Connections - a most informative site by Allan Lannon with many names and connections to Sutherland  

Alexander Munro and Harriet Macintyre 

Andrew Murray and Christy Bruce  
John Murray and Helen Sutherland 

The Pope Families of Sutherland and beyond by Allan Lannon 

Donald Sutherland (Davy) and Ann Grant  
Hector Sutherland and Ann Macgregor 
John Sutherland and Henrietta Mackay  
William Sutherland and Ann Macleod
William Sutherland and Ann Murray
William Sutherland and Margaret Sutherland

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